Orlando Network News Audio

Network News Audio

Daniel has provided audio for all the major network news programs with coverage ranging from Hurricane Katrina to presidential campaigns.  Daniel is ready to travel world wide to get the story.

Orlando Reality TV Audio

Reality TV Audio

For the past few years Reality TV has dominated the ratings and the dial. Daniel has provided ENG Audio for many reality TV shows displaying his abilities to problem solve and multitask.

Orlando Corporate Audio

Corporate Audio

Many corporate clients are demanding, and Daniel knows how to deliver. Audio for corporate videos and events is a special skill set that he excels at. If you are looking for an audio mixer you have found him.

Central Florida Location Sound

Location Sound

No matter what your project is Daniel Hagan is ready to help you accomplish your location sound mixing goals. With over 15 years experience as a location audio mixer he is the sound tech your project needs.

Breaking News
Daniel Hagan is available to be booked for your Location Audio Mixing needs.  Get in touch with your Orlando Sound Man now!

Orlando ENG current projects

Daniel Hagan is now a co-owner of ShotRock Productions, providing tour audio support to domestic and world tours.